Saturday, September 7, 2013

Odds and Ends: the last of the back to school projects!

It feels so funny to read blogs about the fifth week of school in some areas!  I just went back to school this week for two days of PD.  We were off for Rosh Hashanah, as all NYC area public schools are.  And I finally get to meet my kids on Monday!

I'm pretty much ready.  I'm driving myself batty over a few last minute details and a never ending to do list, but I'm pretty sure I'll make it through the first week of instruction with no problem :-)

Here are some of the things I just finished:
 Each student will receive a take home folder from me.  I like to keep these identical so I can visually check who is ready to pack up.  I've included a basic homework log, a daily behavior report that matches the one I purchased from Teaching with a Touch of Twang, a {FREE!} reading log, sentence practice and number of the day practice. You can grab the homework log here. It's VERY basic, but I think it will get the job done. 
 I finished up all of the student pockets for iWrite and they are ready to go up on Monday.  I'm sure I'll get some new students and need to make more, but for this week, I'm done :-) 
 I finally finished laminating and cutting all of my math centers for Back to School.  I printed a ton of recording sheets and they are ready to use!
 I made small group discussion role cards based on ReadyGen.  We don't have our materials yet, but I plan on using these role cards during the week for small group discussion. Sorry for the glare!
 Because we are launching a new reading program, my schedule will be different this year, so I needed to make new schedule cards.  These are laminated so I can adjust the time each day.
 I'm not sure I'll be using Whole Brain Teaching this year, but I love these rule cards from Fourth and Ten.  They are a freebie on her blog!  I shrunk them down to quarter size because I have use SO.MUCH.INK. this summer!
This is the current state of my classroom.  I have a ton of unsorted books hidden under a table and I want to put a table skirt on my cart, but I'm ready for students to come in on Monday!

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