Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Peek at My Week Linky

It's SO quiet in my house right now. My little girl is napping, my husband and son are at the grocery store.  And I'm printing off my lesson plans and getting organized for the week!

Here's what's up in our classroom this week:
 On Monday, I'm going to begin center rotations in literacy.  We will begin with expectations (of course!).  I'll work with the class to create a T-chart showing their job and my job.

I made four easy to use center activities to help the kids build their independence.  You can grab the editing station for free at my TpT store.  It's eight cards with a variety of errors (missing punctuation, capitalization, apostrophes; no spelling errors), a recording sheet and an answer sheet.  I paste the cover on a manilla envelope and place all of the center materials inside.  On the back, I'll clip a sign in sheet to keep track of the students' work.

 On Tuesday, we will (finally!) begin our math program.  I feel like we've already been in school for weeks, rather than just 5 days!  We begin with Topic 1: Place Value.
Our literacy program, ReadyGen, isn't quite so, um, we will be reading Sarah, Plain and Tall.  I didn't want to launch into a long novel, with the hopes that our materials will arrive this week.   I haven't read this book to a class in years, so I really enjoyed rereading it this weekend :-)
 Not really planning related, but this Thursday is our Open House.  So I'll be spending lots of time perfecting my room this week! Hopefully I'll actually post some pictures of my classroom by next weekend!
Ah, Friday!  We are doing RTI in math every Friday, which I think is an awesome idea.  I anticipate working on task cards with small groups.  I'll be using Place Value Task Cards with my kiddos.

Have a great week, all!

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  1. Your place value cards look great. I'm going to send the link to our 5th grade teacher. I know he is just starting to build his task card collection.

    Hunter's Teaching Tales
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  2. LOVE those place value cards! Might have to use them as that is what we are currently working on! I think they would work well for when I do small groups with my 5ers on Thursdays. Have a great week Sarah!

    Floating Through Fifth

  3. Sarah, Plain, and Tall was one of my favorite books to read to my students. Thanks for reminding me of it. I think I will read it to this class.

    Foreman Teaches

  4. I'm trying small groups in math for the first time and your place value cards are great! Looks like you'll have a great week!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  5. Hi Sarah!
    I love the idea of using task cards as an RTi intervention---it's considered Tier 1 right? Are you using any Tier 2 interventions in math? My school is struggling with this because no one has any answers!

    Thanks for your help!