Monday, September 2, 2013

Currently: September

Listening - my kiddo is busy on the computer playing on Starfall.  I swear I hear those songs in my sleep!  He's starting Kindergarten this week.  WHAT? 
Baby J in 2007. Headed off to Kindergarten this week.  I can't.

We dropped off his supplies on Friday, got his teacher assignment and his little sticker that he needs to wear.  I did some major back to school clothing shopping for him (probably to distract me from worry!) and he's all set to go to school on Wednesday.  The funny thing is, he only goes for one day!  Thursday and Friday are Jewish holidays, so no schools are open!  Oh well.  We'll make a big deal of going back on Monday too!

Loving - Vitamin Water Zero!  We aren't a soda family....but we love Vitamin Water. I'm drinking XXX acai blueberry pomegranate right now.  SO good.  But Orange is my favorite!

Thinking  - all about back to school insomnia tonight.  My sleep pattern are all messed up.  5 am is going to be a rude wake up tomorrow!

Wanting - to get all of my to do list done in between orientation sessions over the next two days!

Needing - a new mirror.  We have so many years of bad luck in this house.  I have lost two full length mirrors this year alone.  And while my guy might be satisfied with the bathroom mirror, I like to see what I look like before going to work!

<3 - I'm about 60 something days out from the NYC Marathon and training has been going REALLY well.  I'm keeping up with my cross training and enjoying all my runs.  But this is the time when the distances are getting longer and my school obligations are really going to pile up.  I'm just looking for a bit of balance from here until November 3rd.  Balance, not perfection. And always family first.

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  1. I completely hear you with the back to school insomnia! I routinely get what we call in our house "Sunday Night Syndrome." Every Sunday before getting ready to go back to school the next day it seems everyone has difficulty settling down and falling asleep! Today was a holiday so we had the day off, so I suppose tonight it will be Monday Night Syndrome! lol Good luck to your little one starting school, it's never easy to see them grow up!
    Can't Make This Stuff Up...

  2. So jealous you are marathon training! As much as I would love to do one I HATE running so prob not for me haha. I think I'll have insomnia tomorrow... I go back with kiddies Wednesday, tomorrow is just PD. :)

    Floating Through Fifth

  3. So amazed with your training! It will all be so worth it when you complete your marathon!

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?