Sunday, June 30, 2013

Currently: July!

Well, not quite, right?  I'm so happy that June is coming to a close!  I know lots of you have been on break for a while, but here in NY, schools are finally closed and we now get to partake in a little relaxation!
Listening....while my big guy and little guy are taking care of the food shopping, I'm here with baby girl taking a nap.  My house is completely quite except for the tap of my keys, the sound of my dog roaming around and my neighbor mowing his lawn.  Love it! I said, I'm so glad summer is finally here.  We've made the most of the two days I've been off so far with a trip to the pool and a trip to the Bronx Zoo.  They just opened a Dinosaur Safari at the Bronx Zoo and it was awesome!  Baby girl (2yo) was sort of into it, but little guy (4.5yo) was losing his mind over the dinosaurs!  It's a really fun little trip in a wagon "back in time" where you get to see some robotic dinosaurs. The T-Rex was HUGE!

Thinking...about our grown ups only trip to Florida.  I was dreading telling the kids we were going away without them, but we told them this afternoon and they took it so well!  I feel guilty as it is, so I wasn't looking forward to the 4 year old giving me a guilt trip!  They are excited to spend some quality time with their grandparents while we get our batteries recharged :-)

Wanting...there's something about going away that just makes me want to buy new clothes!  I have a shopping bag filled with beachy clothes from Victoria's Secret...but I'm not sure I'm going to pull the trigger.  If only they took PayPal!

Needing...luckily I found a fuel belt company that takes PayPal!  I need a new hydration belt for marathon training.  I'm running the NYC Marathon in November and for anything over an hour, I like to carry water, gatorade and gels for extra energy.  Fun Fact: The "real feel" temperature when you are running is 20 degrees higher than what the thermometer reads.  So this morning's run felt like 90 even though it was *only* 70.

 Tips, tricks, hints...did you know that baby powder will get rid of stuck on sand after a day at the beach?  It's true :-)  I always keep baby powder in our beach bag to get my kiddos nice and clean after a day of playing in the surf!

 What are you up to currently? {Only a few more hours for my bloglovin' giveaway!}

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Vacation! Finally! And a bloglovin giveaway!

I'm finally on vacation!  Woohoo!  And what's the first thing I decided to do this morning?  Catch up on teaching blogs of course!

Here is a quick run down of my end of year....

First, my big guy went to his pre-k prom.  Stop it.  It was so cute!

Then we went to his graduation ceremony.  

Then my students had their fifth grade graduation.

They also had their prom and school festival.  No pics; I'd have to edit out too many faces. :( We spent the last few days of schools playing games (I lost EVERY round of Clue I played) and signing autograph books.  We had a great last day of school and now I'm SO happy to be home with my littles for the summer.

We celebrated our early dismissal with some ice cream.  Or rather, THEY celebrated with ice cream.  I had water.  We will be spending a lot of time at the beach and the pool, so I'm trying to cut back on the snacking.  Although, as fate would have it, the next few days have a rain/thunderstorm forecast!  Boo!

Also, I'm sure you've heard that Google Reader is disappearing on July 1st.  Bloglovin is a really easy, user friendly and attractive way to continue to follow all of your blogs.  Check out all of these bloggers who are also doing a bloglovin giveaway at their blog!  You have a chance to win at each blog!  If you'd like to do your own giveaway, grab our button for your post, link up, and then get the inlinkz code to insert into your post so that the link ups will also be visible on your blog.  :O)

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