Sunday, March 3, 2013

Prepositions Mini Unit and a Sunday Sale!

I finished teaching and editing my Prepositions Mini Unit for Fifth Grade this week!  Hooray!  I was really happy the level of engagement on a grammar topic.  I also felt like it really benefited my ELL students to get more experience using words like "with" and "for."  Even some of my advanced ELL students learned something new during this unit. 

I only have about 15 minutes a day to address grammar, so this unit took me 8 days to complete. I outlined the first few days of instruction in this post.

After we sorted sentences, I sent students home with a 1/4 sheet of paper to write their own sentences that used a preposition that told when or where.  The next morning, we sat in a circle and passed our sentences around and wrote the sentences on this chart.

I asked the kids to circle the preposition, as many of the sentences told when and where.  I collected their papers to check up on their progress and was very happy that even if the sentence had two prepositions, they were able to circle the one that matched the way they place it on the chart. They did a great job!

Next up: prepositional phrases.  Since they were already comfortable with prepositions, this mini lesson was a breeze!

Oh, sorry for the glare!  We  were circling prepositions, underlining the phrases and writing if the sentence told us when or where.  I had the students complete their sheets first and then come to the SMARTboard to review.

On our last day of instruction, I introduced prepositions that show relationships.  This is the area of need for my class going forward.  We looked at sentences with prepositions such as "of" and "from."  Then the students completed a worksheet and then we discussed all of the possible answers that made sense in the sentence.

In this package, I've also included an assessment and all of the answer keys to the sheets.  I opted not to give the assessment just because we've been doing a ton of mid year assessments and I really feel bad for my kids :-(

To say thank you for following me, I'm posting this mini unit and my Common Core and Commas mini unit (also aligned for Fifth Grade) for 25% off from now until Tuesday night, around 9pm.   If you do decide to pick it up, I'd love it if you left me some feedback!

Have a great Sunday!

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