Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fraction Madness and Fraction Worksheet Freebie!

It feels like we've been working on fractions for ages!  But we've barely begun to scratch the surface of the Common Core Standards for fractions!

We began our fraction study a few weeks ago.  Our math program focuses on adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators in one unit and then focuses on adding and subtracting mixed numbers with unlike denominators in a second unit.  The first unit actually went pretty well!  I hate to sound surprised, but fractions really gave my class last year a tough time.

 So many steps!  So many skills!  So many spots for kids to make a mistake!

On Monday, we tackled subtracting mixed numbers with unlike denominators and this adds another step to the process: borrowing.  Yikes.

In teaching my class how to borrow from the whole number, it really became evident that there are a lot of students who do not understand how borrowing works with subtraction.  While they are successful and competent when it comes to borrowing, it's now obvious that they learned the how but not the WHY.   I was glad to see a few light bulbs starting to go off as we did some borrowing whole numbers and trading for fractions.

I should have taken an "after" picture!  

Luckily, my students are able to find the LCM and rewrite fractions with common denominators very quickly, so those steps were easy to teach.  The borrowing has really been giving them a tough time, so I'm definitely going to create some center work for the kiddos who need extra practice.

I've considered teaching kids to convert mixed numbers to improper fractions and then subtracting, but I'm worried that adds even more steps {convert both fractions to improper fractions, subtract and then divide to simplify}.  Any input would be appreciated!

 Anyway, while I mull that over, I wanted to offer this worksheet as a quick freebie.  Click here to download as a pdf.

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Tell me, what topic in math has really been a challenge for you this year?


  1. I've found that some kids do better with regrouping, while others do better converting to improper fractions. You're right...both have lots of steps. It's a huge process!

  2. I found your blog through Hippo Hooray for Second Grade's blog! I am your newest follower :)

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