Sunday, August 11, 2013

Monday Made It: Drawers, Teacher Toolbox and Danielson Binder

Hi, my name is Sarah and I love jumping on bandwagons.  Lol. 

Is everyone loving all of the beautiful drawers that are all over Pinterest right now?  I saw a few in the beginning of the summer and then priced out the drawers themselves.  OMGoodness sticker shock.  $80+ is not in my budget this school year....but when Jivey posted that she found them for $25, my interest was renewed!  Sadly, I didn't find the $25 deal from Sam's Club....but I did see a set of drawers at Michaels for $39 (or so) and another set at Costco for about the same amount.

I'm so happy with it!  Even my husband said "oh, that looks much nicer than before." And then teased me and asked me if I was planning to make labels for the side!

You can grab the file to make your own colorful animal print drawers here.

My next project this week was another Pinterest favorite:  the teacher's toolbox!  I ordered mine off of Amazon (LOVE that site!) and got to work as soon as it arrived.

I was so inspired by all of the pretty toolboxes on google!

Here is mine:
Again I coordinated with the Bright Animal Print Papers that I used for my Classroom Decor Set.  If you've already purchased that set, please go and re-download the file from your purchases...I added the toolbox labels and the drawers to the file.  You can also purchase just these labels HERE.

Finally, I'm getting serious about my teacher binder.  My district is using the Danielson Framework for Teaching next year and I want to make sure all of my artifacts are organized! 

(If you purchased this binder, please go back and download again.  I added new dividers and a new cover.  It's nice to have options ;-) )

I printed my calendars double sided.  I feel so clever!  (Can you see October peeking through the page?)
A fresh start!  I'm almost excited to start planning!


  1. I have 2 sets of those drawers and I just can't handle the rainbow colors! I never thought to cover them! were your's clear? Thanks for the freebie. They won't match my colors, but now I have an idea of the dimensions!