Sunday, December 1, 2013


November really flew by, didn't it?

I can't believe that there are only 3 weeks of school until Christmas break! Woohoo!
I'm linking up with Oh Boy 4th Grade for this month's currently!

Listening - my 5 year old is in love with Star Wars.  Not because he's seen the movies though...but because of Angry Birds!  So funny :-)  He hasn't been feeling well for a LONG time.  He got strep right before Halloween, then a virus, and now has an ear infection/sinus infection/pink eye combination.  And last night we found out he's allergic to the antibiotic he was on.  It made him itch like crazy.  So after a trip to the urgent care clinic, now he's on a benedryl regiment for a few days.  This poor kid.  So yeah, I'm letting him play xBox all day!

My big guy and little gal

Loving - My commute is about an hour long, and it's four hours after lunch, so I always bring a snack for the car.  I'm obsessed with Kind Bars.  I get them from Amazon using the subscribe and save option. My two favorites are the chocolate ones of course!

Thinking - Sunday is grocery day.  I can't stand the store, so my husband always does the shopping :-)  We try to make a menu each week, but we are still so stuffed from all of the celebrating over the long weekend that we couldn't come up with more than three dinners!

Needing - we need a serious toy purge around here.  Between birthdays and holidays, these kids are swimming in toys...and I no longer have a living room :-(  I definitely do not love the kinex all over my table or the princesses all over my floor!

Wanting - I started working on lessons this morning and while I'm mostly finished, I'm making myself crazy over a lesson my colleague is coming to see me do.  We are studying rocks and she will come see me teach the class about sedimentary rocks.  I just want the lesson to be perfect...but it's taking forever!

Favorite Tradition - I've been a runner for a long time now and my favorite local run is the Hot Chocolate 5k.  It's a fast course, it's cheap and it goes right behind my house!  Last year, my guy and I ran it together and after we decorated the tree with the kids.  That's the plan this year, except it's just me running.  On Friday, we will go get our tree after I get my race number. On Saturday, we will decorate after the race!

Best race picture ever!

Hope you have a fantastic Sunday!


  1. Thanks for the Happy Chanukah! I love that people from New York know what they are.
    I'm not a runner (actually when I lived in NYC it was the most running I ever did) but the Hot Chocolate 5K is always the most appealing one. :) Happy Holidays.

  2. That does look like a lot of fun! I am just getting into running and am excited to find so many bloggers that love to run! Woohoo!
    Curls and a Smile

  3. Hey Sarah! Hope your son gets all better soon!!! :) That 5K sounds like fun, although when I first read it all I could think of was running to Starbucks to get hot chocolate! Yum!

    Katie :)
    KTP: Keep Teaching and Planning!

  4. The Hot Chocolate Run sounds fun! Thanks for sharing!