Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Back to School Centers for Math

I'm trying to keep my to-do list this summer fairly short.  My two littles are keeping me pretty busy during the day!  But this item is high on the priority list: back to school math centers.  At the end of the school year, my principal arranged some time for us to meet with the grades below ours to talk about the upcoming class of kids.  I took a lot of notes about their areas of focus, especially in math, because I wanted to create a set of centers they *should* be able to use from the first day of school.  This set of centers is focused on the major and supporting work of fourth grade Common Core Standards.

Well, I'm finished!  And I'm really happy with how bright and cheerful they are!  This is exactly what I want my new students to see when they come in for their first "real" math workshop...bright, engaging and fun!

So let's take a look:

There are nine centers.  Each center has (brief) directions, cards, student recording sheets and an answer key.  These is one activity without an answer key and that is because it is an open ended center.

Check it out:  Back to School Math Centers for Fifth Grade.  On sale until 8/1!

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